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A, the car in the "four filters" refers to the air filter, oil filter, gasoline filter and air conditioning filter.

1, air filter

Most car engines use a small quality, low cost, easy to replace, high efficiency paper filter element dry air filter, generally clean once every 5,000 kilometers. Cleaning should be taken out of the filter element gently pat the end surface, with compressed air from the inside to blow out, in order to remove the dust on the core, do not use gasoline or water scrubbing. The air filter must be replaced every 25,000 kilometers. Air filter is comparable to a car's breathing system, which is used to remove air impurities, dust particles in the engine. The proper operation of the engine and its service life depend to a large extent on the performance of the air filter.

Cutting-edge technology in the detection of corrosive particles and comprehensive cleaning effect effectively prevent particles from entering the engine. Advanced process equipment, special fiber structure of the filter paper and good filtration accuracy to ensure the lowest wind resistance to achieve maximum filtration efficiency and good storage capacity, so that your engine to get the lowest fuel consumption and maximum power.

2、Oil filter

Most car engines use spin-on oil filters, which are non-removable disposable filters. When replacing the lubricant, you must replace the oil filter at the same time, otherwise it will affect the quality of the lubricant. The interval for replacing the oil and oil filter is also generally 5000 km.

A necessary condition for the proper operation of the engine is to keep it clean and ensure that the lubricating fluid is protected from corrosive impurities. Special filter paper is used, which has good filtration performance and efficiently removes impurities from the lubricating oil, ensuring maximum filtration efficiency at minimum differential pressure and minimizing engine wear, extending the service life of the engine.

3、Gasoline filter

Most engines are equipped with a one-time non-removable paper filter gasoline filter, the replacement cycle is generally 10,000 km. The filter has an inlet and outlet arrow mark, do not reverse when replacing.

4、Air-conditioning filter

The role of the car air conditioning filter: filter the air from the outside into the interior of the car to improve the cleanliness of the air, the general filter material refers to the impurities contained in the air, microscopic particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust into the air conditioning system to destroy the air conditioning system, and protect the health of the people in the car, but also to prevent the glass fogging. Ordinary air conditioning filters can only inhibit the entry of dust and particles, while activated carbon series air conditioning filters can use the physical properties of the activated carbon particles themselves to adsorb other airborne micro-organisms and more harmful substances during the short period of time when the air passes through the blocked flow. Therefore, if we compare, the effect of activated carbon series air conditioning filter is much better than the ordinary filter. The replacement time and cycle of the air conditioning filter is generally replaced when the car travels 8,000-10,000 kilometers, but it can also be determined according to the external environment of the car, if the environment is dry and humid, dry climate all year round, sandy wind, can be replaced in advance. 

What is the "four filters" in the car analysis

How many types of air filters are there on the car?

Air filter can be divided into filtered, centrifugal, oil bath, composite several. At present, the air filters commonly used in engines mainly have inertial oil bath air filters, paper dry air filters, polyurethane cartridge air filters and other types. Inertial oil bath air filters have been filtered through inertial filtering, oil bath filtering, filtering filtering three levels of filtration, the latter two types of air filters mainly through the filter element filtering type. Inertial oil bath air filter has a small air intake resistance, can adapt to the dusty and sandy working environment, long service life and other advantages, previously used in a variety of models of cars, tractor engines. But this air filter filter efficiency is low, heavy, high cost, maintenance inconvenience, in the car engine has been gradually eliminated. The filter element of paper dry air filter is made of resin-treated microporous filter paper, which is porous, loose and folded, with certain mechanical strength and water resistance, and has the advantages of high filtering efficiency, simple structure, light weight, low cost and convenient maintenance, etc. It is the most widely used air filter for automobiles. Polyurethane cartridge air filter element is made of soft, porous, spongy polyurethane, strong adsorption capacity, this air filter has the advantages of paper dry air filter, but the mechanical strength is low, more widely used in the car engine. The disadvantage of the latter two air filters is the short service life and unreliable work in harsh environmental conditions. 



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