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Maintenance of dry inertia type filter

The dry inertial air filtration device consists of dust hood, deflector, dust discharge port, dust suction cup, etc. Maintenance should pay attention to.

1, often check and clean the dust discharge hole on the centrifugal dust hood, remove the dust adhering to the deflector piece, and pour away the dust in the dust collection cup (the dust collection volume in the container should not exceed 1/3 of its volume). Installation should ensure the sealing of the rubber gasket at the connection, there should be no air leakage, otherwise the airflow will be short-circuited, reducing the rotation speed of the air and making the dust removal effect greatly reduced.

2、Dust collector and deflector should keep the correct shape, if there is a bump, it should be shaped in time, so as not to change the original design of airflow and reduce the filtering effect.

3、Some drivers add oil to the dust collection cup (or dust collector plate), which is not allowed. Because the oil is easy to splash to the dust discharge port, guide piece and other parts, so that this part of the dust adsorption, will eventually reduce the filter separation capacity.

Maintenance of wet inertia type filter

Wet inertia type air filtering device consists of the central tube, oil pool, etc. In use, attention should be paid to.

1, regularly clean the oil pan and change the oil. Oil change should be made when the oil viscosity is moderate. Viscosity is too large, easy to block the filter of the filter device, increasing the air intake resistance; viscosity is too small, the oil adhesion dust ability is reduced, while the spilled oil is easy to be sucked into the cylinder to participate in combustion, generating carbon.

2、The height of oil surface in the oil pool should be moderate. The oil should be added to the oil pan between the upper and lower engraved line or the arrow mark. The oil level is too low, the amount of oil is not enough, the filtering effect is poor; the oil level is too high, too much oil, easy to be sucked into the cylinder combustion, and can lead to "flying car" accident.

Dry filtration type filter maintenance

Dry filter air filter device consists of paper filter elements and sealing gaskets, etc., should be noted in the use of.

1. Regular inspection and proper cleaning. When removing the dust on the paper filter element, apply a soft brush to brush away the dusty soil on the surface of the filter element along the direction of the folding seam, and gently tap the end surface to make the dust fall off. When carrying out the above operation, a clean cotton cloth or rubber plug should be used to block both ends of the cartridge, and a compressed air machine or a pump (the air pressure should not exceed 0.2-0.3MPA to prevent damaging the filter paper) should be used to blow outward from inside the cartridge to blow away the dust adhering to the outer surface of the cartridge.

2、Do not use water or diesel oil or gasoline to clean the paper cartridge, otherwise the pores of the cartridge will be blocked and the air resistance will be increased; at the same time, diesel oil will be easily sucked into the cylinder, resulting in overspending "flying" after installation.

3、When the filter element is found to be broken, or the upper and lower end surfaces of the filter element are not flat, or the rubber seal is aged and deformed and broken, it should be replaced with new parts.

4、When installing, pay attention to the gasket or seal ring of each combined part should not be missed or wrongly installed to avoid air short circuit. The butterfly nut of the cartridge should not be tightened too much to prevent the cartridge from being crushed.

The use and maintenance of engine air filter?

Air filters are usually changed every 15,000 miles, but cleaning between changes can improve your car's performance. If you notice a decrease in miles per gallon or acceleration, try vacuuming and gently cleaning the air filter. This may be just what your car needs.

Can I clean my car's air filter?

Check for any parts you may have missed. To clean the filter, move it back and forth in a bucket of water and cleaning solution, then rinse it out. It is important to make sure the filter is completely dry before replacing it, as a wet filter can damage the engine.

What does a dirty air filter do to your car?

A dirty air filter will reduce the amount of air supplied to the engine. This causes an increase in unburned fuel, which turns into sooty residue. Soot can build up on the tips of the spark plugs, preventing them from producing a proper spark. In return, the car may lurch, idle, and in some cases, the engine may stall.



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