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Fuel filtration media ensures that the precise components of the fuel system are protected from wear, effectively protects the engine, and reduces air pollution caused by emissions such as dust, metal particles, carbon deposits, and soot particles. 

We are the largest supplier of acrylic resin filter paper in China, with more than 30 years of production experience and filter paper with ISO9001 certification. The parameters are the same, there are different grades of products, we can supply to the needs of customers in different areas, please refer to the parameter table on the website, and leave a message stating your requirements and the units needed, we reply within 24 hours and soonest within 2 minutes.



PropertyUnitNumerical Range
Air PermeabilityL/㎡.s140-160
Max. Pore Sizeμm≤55
Average Pore Sizeμm50
Burst StrengthkPa≥320
Corrugation Depthmm0.2-0.3/0
Resin Content(Acrylic)

Application: Automotive fuel filter

Material: Cellulose fiber, Acrylic resin(Non-cured)

Feature: Thermal Stability

Customization: Available



PropertyUnitNumerical Range
Air PermeabilityL/㎡.s190-210
Max. Pore Sizeμm≤60
Average Pore Sizeμm55
Burst StrengthkPa≥380
Corrugation Depthmm0.2-0.3/0
Resin Content(Acrylic)

Application: Automotive fuel filter

Material: Cellulose fiber, Acrylic resin(Non-cured)

Feature: Thermal Stability

Customization: Available



PropertyUnitNumerical Range
Air PermeabilityL/㎡.s190-210
Max. Pore Sizeμm≤63
Average Pore Sizeμm60
Burst StrengthkPa≥280
Corrugation Depthmm0.2-0.3/0
Resin Content(Acrylic)

Application: Automotive fuel filter

Material: Cellulose fiber, Acrylic resin(Non-cured)

Feature: Thermal Stability

Customization: Available


Screens and paper fuel filters for small engines

Fuel filter media is applied to the fuel filters of automobile engines. Currently, there are two types of fuel filter media, one is acrylic resin and one is phenolic resin. It filters out impurities as the fuel passes through the media into the engine. Thus, its filtering function maintains a supply of clean fuel, prevents clogging of the fuel system, and protects the engine from damage and wear. Paper fuel filters use a filter element made of cellulose treated with a polymer resin (phenolic resin). This filter paper is considered a non-woven filter media. Polyester felt sheets are another non-woven filter media used in in-line fuel filters.

Fuel filtration for demanding outdoor power equipment applications

All ICE (Internal Combustion Engines), Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) and Powersports machines require fuel filters to protect sensitive fuel system components. Optimized fuel filtration plays an important role in maintaining consistent machine performance and extending service life for more demanding applications.

Commercial grounds maintenance, off-road Powersports and commercial-grade portable power generation are typical of such applications. Manufacturers build these machines with rugged materials to handle harsher conditions. Notably, the design of these machines includes easy access for regular maintenance to maximize their service life.

Fuel filter paper for small engine applications

Applications where fuel system maintenance is critical to reliable engine performance.

Portable power generation, primarily commercial grade generators

ATV, UTV and utility vehicle maintenance and servicing

Outdoor power equipment such as zero-turn, stand-up mowers and snow blowers

Off-road vehicle fleets, Powersports and commercial small engine maintenance and fleet maintenance operations (MRO)


Why are the fuel filtration requirements for these small engine applications so demanding?

Safety and Durability Requirements

Performance requires higher, more reliable fuel flow, even at full load

Design provides easy access for carefully managed maintenance

Mechanical and maintenance costs that encourage maximizing its life


Maintenance and repair management, fuel system and fuel filter requirements

Filters that are durable enough to have a practical filter life

High efficiency filters that provide effective particle capture

Filters that do not create engine performance problems under full load

10% ethanol compatibility and broad tolerance to alcohol exposure

Protecting modern ICE engines means using fuel filters that are resistant to alcohol exposure from different ethanol-gasoline blends, including E85. This alcohol resistance should include resistance to methanol exposure from fuel additives.

Protecting expensive machines also means maximizing their service life. Practical economy requires reliable fuel system component protection and fuel filters that are

Manufactured to industry standards

Made of high quality materials

Manufactured using recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Nonwoven Filter Element

Felt-made polyester sheet

Polymer resin-treated cellulose (paper)

Small plastic inline gasoline filters typically use nonwoven filter assemblies made from synthetic materials such as polymer-treated cellulose (paper) or polyester felt.

Pleated paper and felt nonwoven filter elements have a higher working surface area and higher mechanical strength within the filter element. Maximizing the surface area of the filter element increases the flow through the filter while reducing flow restriction and pressure drop. Over time, the greater surface area also allows for more efficient capture of small particles without significantly reducing the filter flow rate.

Fuel filter paper advantages and disadvantages

Particle capture

Paper and felt capture particles on the surface and within the filter media

Lower flow rate

Captures finer particles

Non-cleanable or non-refreshable



Non-woven filter media cannot be cleaned or refreshed effectively

Attempts to clean by backflushing may damage the nonwoven filter media


Flow rate

Pleats and larger cartridge sizes help increase flow rate

Welcome global customers to communicate with us on fuel filter paper related issues!

Fuel filter media technology for new high-performance engines

Customized solutions for specialized applications

Higher dust holding capacity for longer filter life and compliance with the latest regulations





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